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Climate Change has reset the compass for every citizen and business entity.

There is a paradigm shift in business ethics: a movement away from solely shareholder value and short-term profit to incorporate the wider perspective by which companies and organizations operate to add value for all stakeholders, employees and communities, whilst removing damage, direct or indirect, to the wider environment.

Indeed, the old fashion concept of commercial success as a profit regardless of environmental or employee health is obsolete.

Following Covid, environmental disasters, crisis and human suffering, there is now a global shift towards a much fairer eco-friendly societal-business orbit, one that reflects the best for all stakeholders be that employee, supply chain, clients, community or the public at large. This is a sea change in perspective, one that offers companies phenomenal opportunities to adapt, survive, grow and prosper.

What can your business do today to become more energy-efficient and in alignment with Climate Change best practices?

Reducing energy usage even incrementally makes a real difference. The best carbon strategy is of course energy we don’t use.

In business settings…

  • How can we make gas / oil radiators more efficient, reducing carbon numbers?
  • How can we make machines last much longer, reducing costs and waste?
  • How do we remove environmental toxic chemicals from the workplace?

Water and light are in abundance in all facilities throughout Europe.

How can we leverage these free resources to reduce environmental pollution and carbon footprint?

Sustainability begets sustainability.

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Our strategy at NLG is to dovetail the value of nanobiotechnology generally with environmental and sustainable best practices, business process efficiency and energy enhancement.

With an increasing network of NanoBio specialists working with us, NLG are in a strong position to help companies and organizations exploit the value of emerging technology.

Our Journey has just begun. We are keen to embrace partners and clients who wish to drive innovative technologies within their business for environmental and business best practices. We have innovations to share that enhance the office workplace, factory, farm, healthcare facility, leisure and hospitality resort or transport hub.

We wish to build green concepts inside cities that enable biodiversity air quality and enhanced urban aesthetics.

We are at the beginning of an exciting and enormous development project. We have identified a number of specific trade products and requirements that are enabling our partners globally to focus on driving revenue forward. These Nano products save companies real operating costs, help with C02 Footprint, Supply Chain Compliance and offer numerous environmental benefits for every business and organization across the planet, by helping to:

– Reduce water usage and automate safe drinking water
– Remove aggressive cleaning chemicals
– Stop environmental depreciation and Footprint
– Cut emissions and pollutants
– Enhance energy efficiency, minimizing waste
– Reduce mechanical wear and material consumption
– Open doors for new cleaner products and revenue
– Improve health, food production, resources

Many companies and organizations are aware of the benefits of going green. However many are still unaware of how nanotechnology can turn them into profitable and responsible operations overnight, simply by adopting incremental changes, using nanotechnology and related emerging technology. NLG is being launched to pioneer the effort in “Green Economics” and “Green Electronics”. Let us show you some great technologies working. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate.

What we can do for the environment

Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

Many lakes, streams, canals, rivers, etc, are eutrophic and suffer from unsightly algal blooms, a decline in fish, foul odour, etc.

This is generally due to the bloom of Cyanobacteria, commonly known as Blue-Green Algae (BGA).

BGA is not consumed by Zooplankton and Fish, so they die and are decomposed.

The bacteria that decompose the dead BGA consume all the oxygen produced by the BGA, this reduces the dissolved oxygen level and may result in mass fish mortality.

Diatom Algae, scientific name Bacillariophyceae, are beneficial micro-algae/phytoplankton. In nature, they are the dominant algae in lakes, rivers, oceans, etc., responsible for 40% to 50% of photosynthesis in all bodies of water.

Waterways are suffering due to the input of treated and untreated sewage, fertilizer runoff, stormwater, etc., all of these bring in nutrients, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus, into the water.

The nutrients in water cause algae to grow.

When undesirable algae, like BGA, grows bacteria blooms, water quality declines, and fish die off.

When desirable algae, such as Diatoms grow,
harmful bacteria stop growing, water quality improves and fish grow well since they now get oxygen and food from the Diatoms.

Growing Diatom Algae in tanks in Sewage Treatment Plants, polluted lakes, and streams solves the problem.

Work Place, Offices and Factories

We are delighted to introduce a range of vendor neutral technologies that embrace the concept of green facilities whilst reducing the use of chemicals .  We  enhanced employee workspaces, utilising existing infrastructure and materials for maximum effect and impact.

Let us demonstrate some compelling technology.

Farming, Food Production

We are passionate about agriculture and making a significant difference to the farms we engage with.

From better animal welfare to lower emissions of methene and ammonia ( up to 90% reductions) we can show you the roadmap template for the future.

Water Quality

Fresh drinking water is perhaps the most important ingredient on the planet, with around 1/125th of 1% of total water available for drinking and crop production. So how do we make the most of this critical resource? Let us show you how.

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