Consulting Partners


Our Global Consulting Partners have come together to share and dissipate best practices in and around the use of Nanotechnology products and service.

Nano smart fluids applications offer remarkable value to business, industry and society by enabling new ways to solve old problems.

However a new industry needs standards, knowledge, training, market penetration guides, satisfied customers, insurance and capital facilities, legal advice, a wealth of practical experience, regulation, support, certification, etc.

Our Global Consulting Partner program is designed to help vendors in the industry share best practice, collaborate with similar technologist, embrace new techniques and consolidate business across industry verticals worldwide.

Whilst the concept of this Global Association of Consultants started to take vision three years ago, the need really became apparent when Nano surface application experts looked around to find they were quite alone! A specialist in Korea had key knowledge about coating concrete that he could not be shared with a fellow enthusiast in France or Ireland. A network was required.

Dealing with large organisations, it can be quite daunting to introduce Nano surface coating to facility managers, architects, property and industry owners etc and not have a pool of experience and sector support one can draw on. New technology, applied in new applications (to reduce energy usage, help sustainability, add environmental value) offers compelling value once delivered right. GAINSS enables the fast uptake of best practice amongst its members, offers leads and insights into further applications.

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