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Marc FreedmanMarc Freedman, Founder and CEO. Marc is a serial entrepreneur, marketing and media guru and activist, and speaks and advises organizations and startups all over the world. In addition to Revenue Typhoon, he serves on a few startup Boards and is Managing Director of the Bay Area-based BAE Investments and Workshop, an investment fund and angel and VC funding accelerator.

Marc has served as CEO and CMO of startups and VC-funded firms, as well as a marketing executive at Verizon and AT&T. As Founder and CEO of RazorPop, a digital media software developer, he led the company to $1 million monthly revenues and over 100 million downloads.

Marc enjoys science fiction, kickboxing, weightlifting, dancing, and biking. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MPPM (MBA) from the Yale School of Management. Marc is the LinkDaddy on LinkedIn, where he has been #3 in the world in total connections.

About Revenue Typhoon

Revenue Typhoon is home of the Marketing Machines. We deliver Scalable Sales, engineered by design to ensure repeatable, reliable, and rising revenues. Each Marketing Machine is an automated Point of Decision campaign with integrated marketing and technology that moves leads to the next step in the sales funnel. We deploy these machines throughout the sales process to make you an instant expert ... attract prospects ... generate leads ... convert leads to sales ... and generate repeat business.

Revenue Typhoon services encompass discrete products like Mobile Leads Machine, Ultimate Phone Service, and VIP Club In A Box and custom solutions such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Business and Consumer Guides, Business Networking, and Sales Campaigns.