Consulting Partner - Mining


Leonardo ArrietaMosaic Commerce is a business development consulting firm specialize in Mining and Metals, develops markets and supports technologies for the mineral processing, metals smelting and refineries industries.

Mosaic Commerce has been successfully marketing technology in the metals and mineral processing industries for almost 12 years. Technology developed by Mosaic Commerce R&D partners, have been successfully implemented into some of the world’s largest mining operations.

Mosaic Commerce works with its partners to provide the client a comprehensive, tailored solution involving an integrated process and equipment design, detailed engineering, equipment supply, operator training and ongoing process and maintenance support.

Leonardo Arrieta, Business Development Director at Mosaic Commerce, Graduated in Business Administration and International Commerce for UQAM University in Montreal, Canada.

With more then 12 years experience working in a broad spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, technology, mining, pharmaceuticals, banking, transportation and government agencies. always relied to a great network of professionals with the ability to identify and rapidly respond to opportunities, maximizing your odds of success.