Application Specialist


Some of our reseller partners can apply nanotechnology treatments as part of a total-solution for end users, and some end users are happy to apply the products themselves. However NanoLand’s Application Specialists are a vital interface between our product suppliers and the end users, when neither party wants to do the job themselves.

Think of it as the same as buying a pot of paint or roll of wallpaper. Some retailers offer a painting service, some householders enjoy DIY – but there is a whole Painting and Decorating industry of application specialists painting walls and hanging wallpaper across the World.

If you want a referral to a NanoLand Application Specialist for commercial or residential premises in your area, please contact us and we will be pleased to put you in touch with suitable companies.

Or if you are interested in becoming an Application Specialist or want to train your own staff how to apply nanotechnology treatments safely, economically and appropriately, then sign up for a NanoLand training course to become an approved NanoLand Application Specialist.