Liquid Glass Stone CoatingNanoLandGlobal has a wide selection of liquid glass coatings and technologies.

Stone, Bricks, Granite, Cement, Concrete etc., materials pervasive in our urban environment enabling us to build safe homes, cities, transport infrastructures, hospitals, and reduce erosion on historic buildings.

Imagine being able to place an invisible, protective and robust liquid-glass shield over our property to repel moisture, dirt, mildew, moss, grime and enable the material-surface to continue to breathe.  A standard brick, it is claimed, absorbs a liter of water! Imagine sealing that brick to deflect water, but still enabling the surface to breathe. Would that be good news for energy efficiency, keeping your home warm, dry and protected in the cold winter months?

Not only can we protect our city centers and public monuments from the ravishes of time and UV, but we can make the cleaning processes around such surfaces extremely easy.  And because liquid glass deflects dirt and bacteria, aggressive chemicals are no longer required. The innate property of the material (absorption, breathability, thermal benefit) are not impacted by the liquid-glass, and extensive tests confirm additional benefits:

  •  Graffiti protection
  •  Protection against aggressive environmental influences
  •  Hydrophobicity
  •  Antifouling (algae and mold)
  •  Easy-to-Clean

That’s great news for cost reduction, property, asset maintenance and The Environment.