NanoLand Subscription Service


Would your company be interested in adding nanotechnology to your operation and product offerings and thus benefit from next generation technology?

Nanotechnology products have been entering the market place rapidly, don’t get left behind. This new wave of technology can add real and compelling value to materials, products and factory process operations. There is no business or industry that cannot benefit. However, the industry is remarkably fragmented and skill-sets / materials can be difficult to source or exploit.

NanoLand is connected to a wide range of vendors and customers by virtue of its staff who have been in this technology space since 1995 at the start of the nano revolution, and thus have a broad perspective on what is happening now and could happen in the future around commercial nanotechnology and its successful exploitation.

What we offer:

  1. We show you how to immediately transform your product portfolio deploying exciting new nano offerings
  2. We give you a Free Product Trial where we take one of your products and demonstrate proof of concept; ( you simply pay for logistics both ways)
  3. We work with you to innovate new products and transform your production processes by introducing new technologies that will reduce energy and operating costs
  4. We carry out a site visit to explore production enhancement processes, (only day-rate & travel disbursements are charged).
  5. We offer you full support through our partners to project manage case studies and application associated with our nano specialists and suppliers

By working with us, you will receive the value of many years extensive research in commercial nanotechnology. You and your business will benefit by access to an extensive knowledge base that can transform your products and operations safely and drive revenue for your company for decades ahead.

We connect you to appropriate nano specialists and engineers who will work to engineer and transform your business and materials. We also have within our network some of the world’s most experienced nano engineers and professionals who can advise if specific requests are impractical or too early for development. There is overlap into nanoelectronics, bionanotechnology and nano-RFID.

Hence, we give you a basic insight into next generation technology, innovation & development. IP is an area of NanoLand expertise and we can advise the client as to best practices in that regard. Should you wish to register patents on your ideas and products we can help, advising and reducing risk. Each project is strictly controlled, to protect clients and enable commercial exploitation of valuable IP.

NLG believes in keeping business simple, transparent, and flexible. We work to the highest ethical standard. Our work model is simple and our costs reasonable.

We operate a low subscription fee model. It is two-tiered for small (less than 200 employees) and large business. Payment terms are: £1K payable upfront followed by £1K incremental increase every 6 months, topping out at 5k for small business and 20k for large business.

Starting Small <200 Employees Large >200 Employees
Launch 1000 5000
6 months 2000 7500
1 yr 3000 10000
18 months 4000 12500
2 yr 5000 15000
2.5yr 5000 17500
3yr 5000 20000

We sign mutual NDAs, and meet with you and your R&D teams to discuss your requirements. Most meetings with our clients are by audio, video or web conferencing: face to face meetings would incur day-rate & travel expenses.

We would love to work with you and suggest as a next step, a discussion by phone.

Please confirm a time and date convenient to ring you.
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