Science has yet to discover the numerous possible applications of nanotechnology and nanoscience. Global awareness of the potential for this technology is low and so not surprisingly many organisations, ranging from governments to corporations ask themselves the question, "What's possible?".

The answer is "Ask us at NanoLandGlobal."

Through our unique world wide network of product developers and manufactures, research laboratories, academic institutions and other specialists, we can access the most suitable consultancy source for your particular needs, even if it means engaging with people on the other side of the world.

Consultancy projects we have worked on have ranged from an electric fire manufacturer who wanted to know if they could resolve some production quality problems using nanotechnology, though to a global vending machine operator who had problems with bug infestation.

As well as these types of projects we also provide environmental and cost benefit analysis consultancy. Before deciding to coat your automobile fleet to reduce dirt adhesion and cut water consumption and reduce cleaning time and therefore labour costs, NanoLandGlobal can provide the expertise to evaluate the true benefit of an idea. "What nanoproduct might be best, what does it cost, how much do I need, how do I apply it, what will it save in terms of labour time, water and cleaning chemical costs, what's the environmental benefit?" - these are just some of the typical questions organisations ask when considering using nano products for the first time.

Whatever your potential nano-consultancy requirement, always ask us if we can assist. If the solution is out there, we'll know about it.