How it works ?


New materials are changing the way business processes operate.

Take for example, an NHS ambulance. Every two weeks, for hygiene reasons, each ambulance must be stripped of all facilities and clinically cleaned. Imagines if all internal and external surfaces were self-cleaning. What if the engine could also be cleaned automatically ( of toxins ) thus reducing emissions, oil and fuel usage? Just one ambulance could both reduce hygiene maintenance and running costs simply by deploying coatings currently available on the marketplace. It is estimated that fuel costs could be cut by 11% whilst cleaning cycles could be reduced by 30-40%. Similarly water usage is reduced. Savings like this across all Governments Departments offer massive cash saving opportunities and additionally help the Environment by removing the need to deploy aggressive chemicals.

Nanotechnology surface treatments can significantly reduce the use of chemical cleaners and save water and maintenance costs. Less cleaning cycles on a high rise building means less occupational health and safety risks. These products reduce maintenance frequency and time.

Concrete and stone faces can be treated to reduce water absorption. Dry walls are much better insulation against hot and cold weather, reducing energy bills. The overall appearance of the structure will improve.

Contamination can be removed much easier and the danger of permanent surface damage through pollution like acid rain is reduced.

Road safety improves. Road hazards while driving in rain are more visible and can be seen much earlier.

Nanotechnology surface treatments are not slippery.

These coatings can be applied to almost any surface including skin, with the implication that all surfaces within a facility can be nanoed with great ease and at very low cost.

Wash basins, mirrors, toilets, door handles, computers and work surfaces can be treated with a simple wipe or spray in a matter of seconds creating washroom areas which will be bacteria free for at least 6 months. Once treated with this food safe coating, surfaces can be cleaned very easily as the soiling agents will not have adhered to the surface.

Within Hospitals and healthcare environments this is particularly useful. Everything from stethoscopes to mobile phones and light switches can be nanoed in seconds, and for just a small investment. If you compare this with the cost of the alternative of moulded anti-bacterial light switches and door handles, you will soon appreciate the savings.

Additionally, the environmental benefits are of enormous significance as in most instances the treated surfaces can be cleaned without the use of detergents or other cleaning products.

The products cover an enormous range of specialist applications such as fabric treatment (making all carpets, mattresses, clothing and furnishings stain resistant and anti bacterially treated. There is also Stone Treatment which creates a stain proof and anti bacterial covering for tiled and stone surfaces and oven treatment which is effective up to 450 C.