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About NanoLandGlobal

NanoLandGlobal, a London based company,  created to introduce the benefits of nanotechnology and nanoscience, have Country Partners in many countries,  working with global brand and corporate entities to innovate and fast-track technology and introduce best practice.

Essentially we endeavour to fast-track emerging  nanotechnology products and services, to incorporate their futuristic applications for the benefit  of industry and society, thus helping to reduce wastage, help fight against the negatives of climate-change and offer compelling  economic value to businesses and organizations.

We work with numerous  nanotechnology specialists and nanoscience labs, globally.

Each of these nano specialists have something to offer and collectively NanoLandGlobal are able to dovetail perfect solutions for unique applications. Generally, every type of business can benefit from innovations in nanotechnology, from energy efficiency to product innovation, cost reductions to environmental best practice.

We are pleased to offer you insight into the wonders of nanotechnology solutions. Simply give us details of any problems which your R&D Teams wish to solve, any technical or business process issues, including NPD and we will, if appropriate, run these problems across hundreds of our in-house nanotechnology engineers and specialists.  

NanoLandGlobal is vendor neutral and therefore our financial model is very much determined by bringing compelling value to our clients.