About NanoLandIndia


NanoLandIndia is the first and only global resource offering a range of market ready nanotechnology products and services in India. We are part of the UK-based NanoLandGlobal which has formed a partner network so far, of stakeholders in the US, China, India and every EU country. NanoLandGlobal works with high profile clients such as Irish Dept of Agriculture, Nestle, US military, London City Airport and major organic-agricultural and industrial interests.

As part of the NanoLandGlobal family, NanoLandIndia is your single portal to the global platform for all emerging technologies. Close collaboration with the best researchers and developers throughout the world enables us to respond to our customers with ‘formulated’ treatments for unique and individual requirements. Our passion for Nanotechnology is to bring “futuristic" technology to “every-day" use. Using state-of-the-art Web Analytics and Tools we are proud to interface as the gateway to emerging nanotechnologies on the continent.

NanoLandIndia is bringing innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges. We have a strong social and environmental commitment to the unique problems facing India, which is reflected in our business model - a cross subsiding approach where involvement in the commercial sector will provide us with capacity to fully engage our commitments to our social and environmental imperatives.

What we stand for

Our business focus is on innovative technologies, services and products with a positive environmental impact and minimal carbon footprint.

We promote a symbiotic relationship between major private sector projects and socially responsible public sector projects.

Our people are skilled professionals who are passionate about finding solutions to improve living standards with minimal environmental impact.

We engage with customers who want to improve their work environment and, at the same time, make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability of the environment.

We establish meaningful partnerships that are mutually beneficial to the parties involved.

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