Didier Kane


Didier KaneDr. Didier Kane is an executive consultant with 25+ years of leadership experience in various industries at Fortune 100 companies. He is a recognized authority on strategy and growth, from both a planning and an execution perspective. He is providing guidance to the Board of Directors at NanoLandGlobal on these topics.

At 3M Company, he led the Global Market Development Department and drove double digit worldwide growth in the Telecom Division.  He has previously held a number of business development and strategic planning senior leadership positions in several Divisions of 3M, spanning multiple high-tech Industries. While at 3M, Dr. Kane has provided coaching, as part of the MentorNet program, to a number of PhD candidates and Post-docs in nanotechnology and biotechnology from prestigious establishments such as Penn State, RIT, Scribbs in the US and Cambridge in the U.K.   Dr. Kane is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt (DMAIC and Design for Six Sigma).

       Prior to 3M, Dr. Kane was the Chairman of the Assembly, Packaging and Test Manufacturing Methods Council at Sematech, the international semiconductor industry consortium.  He was before quality manager for worldwide assembly operations at AT&T Microelectronics.  

     Dr. Kane started his career in the U.S. at AT&T Bell Laboratories, after post-doctoral research he had conducted in a US Air Force Research laboratory in New York state.  He has a PhD in electronics and an M.S. in Materials Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France and an executive MBA in international accounting and finance from the AT&T School of Business in New Jersey. 

     Dr. Kane and his wife currently reside in Austin, Texas and have two daughter who both studied at the University of Texas at Austin.