Grover Howard


Grover HowardMr. Howard is a serial Entrepreneur having Founded or been a Founding partner in ten (10) companies. Of these companies, he is still a Share holder in six (6) and still involved in the management of three (3). The last seven (7) Companies are listed below:

KANDL Dooel Ohrid, founded 2007 Co-Founder Active in management and R&D.

Immersion Technologies International PLC, Founded 2006 Publicly traded on London AIM Exchange, Patent Holder, Stock Holder, Founder

Digital River Networks (a Licensed Common Carrier in Australia), Founded 2001, Founder, Share Holder

Evatayhow Pty Ltd., Founded 2001, Patent Holder, Share Holder, Director

Winovate Pty. Ltd., Founded 2000, Patent Holder, Share Holder

21st Century Coatings (Aust) Ltd. Pty., Founded 1998, Patent Holder, Share Holder, Director

21st Century Coatings, Inc., Founder, no longer directly involved in this Company

Mr. Howard is the Inventor or one of the Inventors on more than 30 Patents and Patent applications and is responsible for designing, developing and implementing dozens of new technologies for the US Government and others.

Mr. Howard is currently involved in developing a new technology for removing all pollutants from the exhaust of Coal Fired Power Plants (including CO2).

Mr. Howard has the distribution rights to the PHI Sciences line of Health Supplements and other products for the Balkans and is planning distribution and is working on new product development based upon these products.

Mr. Howard was the Managing Director of Winovate Pty. Ltd.. At Winovate he was responsible for the overall management of the company while directing on going Research and Development activities. Winovate has developed and patented a number of new technologies for the market place including those put into Immersion Technologies International.

Mr. Howard was Director of new product development and VOIP and Wireless DSL deployment, he is still a share holder.

Mr. Howard is a Director of Evatayhow Pty Ltd. He directed the design, patent and development activities for an Anti-Theft System. This system is designed render products unusable if stolen. The computer version has serious Defence and Intelligence implications.

Mr. Howard is a Director of 21st Century Coatings (Aust) Ltd Pty. He has developed and patented new-polymers and developed a complete series of coatings.

Mr. Howard was Chief Technology Officer for Access Plus Corporate. He was responsible for network and systems design, Broadband, fibre, DSL, VoIP, VoDSL, PTSN gateways, integration and billing.

Mr. Howard was the Eastern Regional Director for an Internet start up. He was responsible for 25 POPs (Points of Presence) and 12 regional centres in major Malls with over 50 people under his direction.

Mr. Howard was a founder and CEO of 21st Century Coatings, Inc.. The company acquired the rights to patents developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) for highly fluorinated paints, around which it is building a commercial business.

Mr. Howard has developed an entire series of commercial industrial coatings based upon the NRL patents and continues to develop new and improved versions.

Mr. Howard founded and operated a successful small information systems business producing turn-key systems for third party administrators. He has an outstanding record managing and directing numerous major information system development projects for the government. In addition, he produced a number of successful proposals for Federal projects. He was instrumental in the design of award winning state-of-the-art major government information systems for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army. Pushing back the state-of-the-art he provided a ten year forecast of future information system capabilities and requirements for the U.S. Air Force Rome Air Development Center (Rome, NY).

Mr. Howard has a wealth of experience in evaluating new products, tools and systems and successfully integrating new technology into existing systems. He participated in the development of two significant procurement specifications, a ship based system for the Navy and CAMIS for the Army. In addition, he has been consulted for his expertise in information systems security by Fortune 500 Companies (including SDC, and Burroughs Corporation), and by the U.S. Army and Navy.

Mr. Howard has considerable experience serving in executive positions and as a director on both corporate and non-profit boards of directors. He has organized, coordinated and directed highly successful social and corporate events.

As Vice-President of a small airline Mr. Howard carried on comprehensive successful negotiations with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the Government of the Bahamas concerning the company's licenses to do business.


Grover Howard has been honoured in many publications including; Who's Who in the World 1987-88; Who's Who in the South and Southwest 1984-85; and Who's Who in American Business 1990-1991.

Was elected to serve as President/Chairman of Alexandria Crime Solvers from 1987 until 1990. He has also served as Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Fund raising Chairman at various times.

Was chosen by The Alexandria Kiwanis Club to serve in various posts Vice-President, Fund raising Chairman, Program Chairman, and member of the Board of directors.

He has been a frequent Speaker at civic groups and associations, and the Federal Computer Conference.

Mr. Howard studied Physics at Louisiana State University, is an Honour Graduate of the U.S. Air Force Systems Analysis and Design Course, and has held various security clearances from NATO Cosmic Top Secret through U.S. Compartmented TS (SSB).