Tsvi Gal


Tsvi Gal Tsvi Gal has over 25 years of investment and operational experience in global corporations, with a focus on financial services, media & entertainment and information technology.

Known as one of the most innovative minds in Financial Services IT, Tsvi is credited with the creation of the first Internet Bank (at Wells Fargo Bank), the on-line payment standard (at Bank of America with Visa and Master Card), the first truly global trading system (at ABN AMRO), the first major brokerage on-line trading system (at Merrill Lynch) the first to introduce on-line music (at Warner Music and Apple) and the first to introduce ring tones in the USA (at Warner Music and Sprint) and the first to introduce corporate social network at a major financial house (at Deutsche Bank with IBM).As a result of these achievements, he was presented with the Einstein Award for achievements in Science and Technology by the State of Israel President, he continues to lend his innovative leadership for the fund and for non-profit causes.

Prior to joining Exigen Capital, he was the Chief Technology Officer for Deutsche Bank Asset Management and Investment Banking, a global 5,000 FTE organization where he led the transformation of the organization to service oriented, multi-location, efficient partner to the business. Previously he led the launch of a $750 million download and ringtone business as CIO and Head of Business Development at Time Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG). He played a key role in WMG's leveraged buyout and subsequent public offering. Tsvi also led the public offering for Memco and its $550 million acquisition by Computer Associates. As President and Chief Operating Officer of AT&T’s ATT.COM, Tsvi tripled the group’s revenue to $390 million per year. His previous experience includes C-level roles at Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, ABN AMRO Bank and Bank of America, as well as General Partner in GBS, a $1 billion USA/Japan private equity fund. In addition, he has advised on numerous mergers and acquisitions as well as public offerings for such companies as Memco, Fortel, Skynet, Ksolo and Vizible.

Currently, he is the New York Chapter Chairman of the Society of Information Managers (SIM), a CIO association with more than 3,500 members nationwide. He is the co-author of "Distributed Computing Management" and served on the USA technology delegation to the G7. Tsvi serves on the boards of Exigen Services, EMAM, Sonoa and BRT. He served on numerous public and private boards including FundTech, Fortel, Expand, Cardean University, Perfomania and Venotion and is an adviser to the president of Rutgers University and the provost of Stevens Institute. A father of three girls, one of which with special needs, Tsvi also serves on the board of charity organizations such as Red Light Children and Aleh Negev and the caring committee of NY and NJ UJA.